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My definition of gouty tophi is the same as Tophi, i.e. there is no need to include the word gouty, as all tophi are related to gout.

Gouty Tophi Definition

Tophi is the plural of tophus. A gouty tophus is a deposit of uric acid crystals beneath the skin, attached to joints, and in other organs.

Gouty Tophi Symptoms

I deal with gouty tophi mainly in the Gout Symptoms guidelines. Please note that I often get asked “what is tophi,” but as you have seen, tophi is the plural form, so the question should be either “What are tophi,” or “What is a tophus.”

In the Tophi pages, I present gouty tophi pictures, including photographs and other images. These show gouty tophi affecting various parts of the body.

Gouty Tophi Treatment

Please see the Gout Treatment guidelines for gouty tophi treatment. Get treatment for gout to remove tophi before your joints get destroyed!

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