Gout Friendly Salad Dressing explains that whatever you dress your salad with it is never important to gout control. Because sauces, dressings, condiments, etc should never be eaten in significant volumes. So you are wasting your time worrying about salad dressing. When you should simply focus on your whole diet.

Gout Friendly Salad Dressing Audience

I wrote Gout Friendly Salad Dressing for Gout Foodies who are at risk of becoming Gout Victims. Because you need to stop worrying about individual food items. Then start adopting healthy eating patterns. So that you can move forward and start to become an effective Gout Dieter. But if you are not familiar with different types of gout sufferer, you should read Questions for Gout Sufferers first.

Salad Dressing and Gout

Before we continue you should ask yourself if you are one of the few people who overeat salad dressing.
Because healthy eating patterns should only include small amounts of fats and oils. So they don’t play a large part in your diet. But if you are the type of person who loads more dressing than salad on your plate, you are in trouble. Because too many fatty foods increase your bodyweight. Then your excess calories increases your gout risk.

Also, there is a hidden danger amongst fats – a type of fat called trans-fats. On the food packaging label, these are often referred to as hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats. Whilst I cannot find any evidence to suggest a link to gout, these fats are known to be bad for general health, especially heart disease. So you should avoid them by always reading the labels. Especially for snack foods, and processed foods with long shelf life.

One further warning. Most nutritionists agree that a diet that is too rich in fat can be bad for your health. You also need to be aware of balancing fatty acids in your diet. I’ve discussed this on my flax seed oil page.

Please read my explanation of Potential Renal Acid Load (PRAL) for gout sufferers before you read any detailed food charts.

Finally, salad dressings are usually good for gout. Because they are a sign that you are thinking about healthy salads as part of a good gout diet. Just remember that the salad is the main attraction, and keep the dressing to a spoonful or two.

Which Salad Dressing for your Gout?
Which Salad Dressing for your Gout?

Your Best Salad Dressing for Gout

Many gout sufferers ask if they should use Ranch, Italian, French, or other types of dressing on their salad. Others ask if they should avoid salad dressing altogether. I hope you can see that moderate amounts of salad dressing are part of a good gout foundation diet. But if you keep obsessing about individual food items, you will never control uric acid with diet.

So get help with healthy eating patterns now. But if your primary care physician doesn’t provide adequate help, your fellow gout sufferers can answer all your questions about salad dressing.

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Gout Friendly Salad Dressing Comments

This is some of the feedback about salad dressing for gout. If you would like to add your thoughts, please tell me your gout concerns.

Is lettuce bad for gout?

Readers ask if lettuce is bad for gout. So the short answer is "no"! But I will continue my research and publish an article explaining how to incorporate lettuce into gout-friendly eating patterns.

At first sight, I see little research into the effects of lettuce on uric acid. However, it is associated with lower uric acid as part of the alkaline diet for gout. Furthermore, lettuce seeds can reduce uric acid levels in poisoned rats. Although, marrow seeds are more effective for uric acid lowering.

Is balsamic vinegar bad for gout?

Similarly, readers ask if balsamic vinegar bad for gout. So I've researched some relevant facts. Now presented at Balsamic Vinegar and Gout

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