Who needs to be aware of gout?

When I first saw the Gout Awareness Day campaign, I was overjoyed. But my joy turned to disappointment. Then fear as I realized what the campaign actually is.

So here are my fears about this gout awareness campaign. More importantly, there’s hope that you can turn my fears into better gout treatment for yourself.

Aware Of Gout Purpose

The purpose of this article is to make you aware of the National Gout Awareness Day campaign. So it supports the purpose of this website. Because I explain what the purpose of this campaign is. Then I explain how you should use it to discuss gout awareness with your professional healthcare team. So that you and your doctor are working towards the same goal of your safe gout recovery.

Gout Awareness Day May 22

Firstly, though I fear the underlying purpose of Gout Awareness Day. I want you to understand that I do not stand against the drug industry. Because most gout sufferers rely on medicine to recover fully from this painful disease. And without a strong channel of research and development, we would be without important choices for uric acid and pain relief treatment. Yet we must be aware of the reasons for this gout campaign. So that we can judge medicine as part of a total gout care and management package. Not as a reason to pass responsibility for our healthcare to pharmaceutical companies.

Be aware of gout medicine campaigns

I’m prompted to write about this campaign now. Because it features significantly in a new report about the global gout drugs market[1]. So, under the heading “Market Leaders and their expansionary development strategies”, the report highlights:

May 2018, National Gout Awareness Day and the American Kidney Fund (AKF) collaborated and secured a grant to develop a gout education campaign and its connection with kidney disease.

Now, we have a clear indication that National Gout Awareness Day as an education campaign is part of the expansionary strategy of market leading drug companies. So don’t be surprised when your first offer for uric acid treatment is Uloric (febuxostat) instead of allopurinol. In itself, febuxostat is not a bad uric acid medicine. Also, it’s fantastic to have alternatives for people who cannot tolerate allopurinol. But it is a choice that should be made on medical history and test results. Furthermore, a choice that is a flexible part of a long term personal plan to recover from gout in the safest way. Not the result of an expansionary development strategy.

Be Aware of Your Gout

So who needs to be aware of gout? Certainly, your doctor needs to be aware of the need to test for uric acid in the blood. Then at least monitor those levels each year. Even if the patient has no gout symptoms.

But you, as the gout patient, must also be aware of gout. Especially, you should know your uric acid number. Because that test result number is just as important as your cholesterol and blood pressure numbers. Then, if it’s too high and you are concerned about gout and other effects of high uric acid, you must seek treatment to make your number safe. And always remember that normal uric acid is not safe if it is over 6mg/dL.

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Aware Of Gout References

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