What are your Great Gout Resources?

When I introduced gout resources here, I started a new wave of interest in ethical resources.

Now, ethical is a word that means different things to different people. To me it means “without exploitation.”

In the gout world, we see big and small providers exploiting gout sufferers. Lazy corporate healthcare providers exploit gout sufferers. They often focus on repeating short term pain relief at the expense of long term patient safety. Thousands of “snake oil salesmen” sell useless products and dangerous advice to desperate people in pain. Exploitation rarely works the other way, but there are many gout customers who blame providers, when they’ve not researched their needs properly, and bought inappropriate goods and services.

At GoutPal’s Gout Resources Center, I will not tolerate exploitation, or laziness. Let’s work together to find Great Gout Resources.

Great Gout Resources

Great gout resources are honestly provided. That means telling the truth about the product. It means providing the best of care. It means being there when needed, not just leaving after making a quick buck.

Any honest suppliers of gout products and services are welcome to join me. I’ll help where I can to provide details of your wares in my database. I’ll encourage you to discuss these in my gout forums. We’ll all work together to provide the best gout resources that suit individual needs.

Gout sufferers have two roles:

  • Tell us all what you need to make your gout better.
  • Share your honest experiences and opinions of gout resources you have used

Note that free resources are particularly welcome. I certainly feel that gout information is valuable. However that information should be free, though providing personal consultation might not be.

Your Gout Resources

I’m working on the platform to allow efficient sharing of information about gout resources. For it to work effectively, I need your help now.

Gout suppliers, I ask you to share as much information with me as you can. I have some information from historic records, but nothing beats an active vendor who is keen to give great customer service before and after the sale.

Gout consumers, I ask you to tell me about the products and services you are using now. That includes information. I want GoutPal to be a great source of valuable gout information. However, I know I can’t do it all. I want the resource database to include all gout information that might help gout sufferers. I also need you to tell me about things you need, but cannot find. Or perhaps what you have found is not quite good enough.

Let’s start finding great gout resources today. As well as my gout forums, you can share your gout resource information using the orange gout help button.

The best place to get help, and share information, is in the gout forums.