Useful Gout Myths and Lies

OK, myths are rarely useful to most gout sufferers. But I’ve highlighted them in the past. Because as a learning tool, explaining gout myths is a great way to stop people relying on outdated treatments and old wives tales.

Similarly, Horizon Therapeutics use misconceptions at the heart of their Gout Lies campaign. So I’m grateful they’ve followed my lead. And interested to compare how we both deal with gout myths and lies.

Useful Gout Myths

The myths that I’ve explained and exposed so far are…

Gout Myth #1 – Pain Measurement
Gout Myth = Pain has gone – gout is cured. Uric Acid Arthritis Reality = Tissue-damaging crystals remain and gout pain will return. Stop the root of gout pain.
Gout Myth #2 – 300 mg Allopurinol Standard Dose
Why 300 mg allopurinol per day? It might be too much or too little. Allopurinol needs personal, not standard dose. Read the dangers of 300 mg allopurinol now.
Gout Myth #3 – Apple Cider Vinegar Cure
Apple cider vinegar for gout relief is popular. Like all gout remedies, we don’t know how it works. But if it works for you, use it. Go with your own experience.
Gout Myth #4 – No Allopurinol During Acute Gout Attack
What is gout? Why is allopurinol dosing difficult? Myths about dose make gout hard to treat. Wrong. Get easy gout treatment with correct allopurinol dosing.
Gout Myth #5 – Baking Soda is a Safe Gout Remedy
Is Baking Soda a natural gout treatment? No, it’s a dangerous poison! See damage caused by sodium bicarbonate. Get safe alternatives to baking soda for gout.
Gout Myth #6 – Lock the Trigger, Stop Gout Rigor
OK, this fake headline was inspired by Horizon’s list below. All I’m saying is gout triggers are a myth. Because there are too many causes of gout flares to isolate just one. So gout sufferers waste time avoiding uric acid treatment.

In fact at one point I became so overwhelmed by gout myths I suggested a better name for gout – Uric Acid Arthritis. Fortunately, rheumatologists recognized my problem and answered it with their own suggestion – Urate Crystal Arthritis. Either way, gout myths tell us we must take a better view of gout. So adopt my approach of checking the latest science before you start or change gout treatment. And if that means educating your doctor about new developments, so be it. Because you will only be doing what pharmaceutical companies do for their own purposes…

Useful Gout Lies

Before I start, I must issue a disclaimer:I fully support the fact that pharmaceutical companies fund education campaigns targeting frontline medical professionals. But I fear the result is prescriptions prompted by marketing pressure. Rather than the treat-to-target (T2T) recommendations by professional rheumatologists[1].
So I will use the Gout Lies identified by Horizon Therapeutics to ensure that my Gout Myths series is as complete as it can be.

Unfortunately, there is no index of Gout Lies at their “Evolution of Gout” website home. Nor is the site searchable. So I’ll build an initial list now. Then add to it as and when I collect more data.

  1. No Flare, No Care.
  2. Stomp out the flare, and gout’s not there.
  3. The Flare Out, No More Gout.
  4. Got Tophi? You’ll Get By.
  5. When the flare is gone, just carry on.
  6. If tophi are there, no need to care.

So the slogans are good. But I suspect the stronger messages behind each slogan are in the information presented direct to the medical profession. Which excludes me, as my disclaimer explains at the foot of each page. However, the old focus on merely relieving pain and ignoring tophi resonates strongly with me. So I’ll continue to monitor this campaign. Then when I uncover the messages to health professionals, I’ll try to provide gout sufferer equivalents. Because the message from the campaigners is as vital for patients as it is for doctors:

McPhilliamy: The fact is that when the pain goes away, the discussion goes away and so does the urgency to treat gout. Gout is one disease which gives us visible signs there is something wrong and an opportunity to increase the urgency, at which conversations about the true impact occur.

This urgency is critical because in addition to bone erosion and joint damage, people with gout are more likely to have other serious health conditions, including hypertension, type 2 diabetes, chronic kidney disease and cardiovascular disease.

Moreover, research shows that a person who has had gout for less than 10 years has a twofold increased risk of death compared with the general population.

In future articles I will explain the differences between the 2 lists. Then I can present you with a comprehensive guide to all the lies, myths, and misunderstandings that commonly hinder gout control.

Do Lies, Myths, & Misunderstandings Hinder Your Gout Recovery? (illustrative purposes only)

Your Gout Myths and Lies

Now you have my list of gout myths and lies. So which apply to you? How have gout myths affected your diagnosis? Which gout lies are holding back your treatment and recovery?

Think about your own gout myths and lies. Then while I’m preparing my guide, you can share your feedback below. Or in the gout forum.

Gout Myths and Lies References

  1. Kiltz, U., Smolen, J., Bardin, T., Solal, A.C., Dalbeth, N., Doherty, M., Engel, B., Flader, C., Kay, J., Matsuoka, M. and Perez-Ruiz, F., 2017. Treat-to-target (T2T) recommendations for gout. Annals of the rheumatic diseases, 76(4), pp.632-638.

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