Purpose of GoutPal.org 2020

GoutPal.org is now back where it started. As a hub for gout campaigns around the world. So you can find campaigns to support that might help you learn more about your gout. Or I can help you start your own campaign about gout.

GoutPal’s Normal Uric Acid Campaign

Back in the day, I create my own campaign – Normal Uric Acid – No Thanks! But campaigning is hard. So I never reached my targets for supporters of my campaign to stop relying on Normal Uric Acid. Because it is a statistical value that distorts diagnosis and weakens gout treatment.

However, as part of my 2020 reorganization, I’m renewing my efforts to raise awareness of these perils for gout sufferers. In particular, I’ll be explaining more clearly how reliance on normal uric acid levels can affect specific types of gout sufferer.

More importantly, in conjunction with better campaign reporting here, I’ll explain how you might like to start your own campaign about common gout concerns that affect you.

Your GoutPal.org

Except for Keith’s GoutPal Story, you are the center of all GoutPal websites. So I need you to tell me your story about concerns that make your gout worse. Or stop you feeling better. You can do that in the gout forum. Or by using my helpdesk.

Also, you can open the gateway to lots of extra gout resources when you join my Learners List.

Besides achieving my main purpose of sharing gout campaign information, this can significantly help your gout recovery. Because learning about controversial gout management issues puts you in a better position to discuss your treatment plan with your doctor. Then, when you and your doctor work together, you minimize issues that lead to poor treatment. And maximize your chances of fast, safe gout recovery.

This draft purpose page is now replaced by Purpose of GoutPal.org

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