Purpose of GoutPal.com

The purpose of GoutPal is to review and explain scientific gout studies in order to help you and your doctor manage your gouty arthritis more effectively. Therefore, GoutPal supports your healthcare team but is not a substitute for professional medical advice.

By reading my explanations and experiences you will understand gout better. So that helps you to ask your doctors better questions and understand their advice.

Why GoutPal?

GoutPal started as a personal health project for Keith Taylor. Because when I was first diagnosed with gout I found a great deal of confusing, misleading gout information on the Internet. Then I realized that much of this information existed only to sell spurious goods and services. So I learned how to interpret scientific research in order to work with my doctors to create the right gout management plan for me.

Subsequently, I started changing this website to be a general resource for all gout sufferers rather than my own personal project. Therefore, you might still see some pages that are not fully referenced to relevant gout studies. But as I review all my pages, I am adding studies and updating new research. Because you get better service from your doctor when you discuss the scientific facts that match your unique situation. So if you see missing references, please tell me in the forum, and I will update the page(s).

Of course, many gout sufferers get all the medical help they need from their doctor. In which case, you do not need GoutPal. But the majority of primary health care providers do not understand the latest professional gout guidelines[1]. So GoutPal helps your doctor find relevant science and helps you understand how it applies to you.
GoutPal Purpose

Your GoutPal

Because I learned how to control my gout, I want to help you control yours. So, I’ll adapt my Life Purpose to your gout:

Who Am I?

Keith Taylor, your gout friend.

What Do I Do?

Publish explanations of gout research in layman’s terms. Also, I present ways to identify how different solutions might apply to different types of gout problems.

Who For?

Uninformed, misinformed, or confused gout sufferers who need help solving uric acid problems and managing gout pain.

What do they Want?

Facts about uric acid arthritis and treatment plans with examples of how treatment changes according to individual needs.

How do they Change?

They learn how to work with doctors to get fast effective gout control.

GoutPal.com & GoutPal.net Purpose

For technical reasons, I use GoutPal.com to present the latest scientific facts and best practice. Then I support you personally at GoutPal.net. So we can work together to get the best medical help from your health professionals.

In a nutshell, you use GoutPal to learn how to identify your gout situation so that you can discuss this effectively with your doctor. For clarification, you can ask about your unique personal gout problems in the gout forum.

Leave Purpose of GoutPal.com to read more gout-related information.

Purpose of GoutPal References

  1. Doherty, Michael, Tim L. Jansen, George Nuki, Eliseo Pascual, Fernando Perez-Ruiz, Leonardo Punzi, Alexander K. So, and Thomas Bardin. “Gout: why is this curable disease so seldom cured?” Annals of the rheumatic diseases (2012): annrheumdis-2012.

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