GoutPal Relaunch

I’m reorganizing GoutPal through 2015 to make it more accessible to gout sufferers.

My main websites are:

Gout Facts

GoutPal.com is your primary source of gout facts and guidelines. Here you find out:

Gout Symptoms Guidelines
How to assess your symptoms and find possible causes. How to work with your doctor to get an accurate gout diagnosis as a basis for a gout treatment plan.
Gout Treatment Guidelines
Choose any or all Pharmaceutical, Herbal, or Non-medical treatments. Match treatment choices to your symptoms to get the right personal gout treatment plan for you.
Gout Diet Guidelines
Gout diet is really one part of gout treatment. However, as many gout sufferers are food obsessed, I organize gout diet guidelines separately. See how to plan healthy diets that account for your personal tastes and also help your gout.

Those gout facts and guidelines are very general and wide-ranging. Some will be essential to you, and some will be irrelevant. You need personal help to plan ways to manage gout that suit you. It is very hard to do this alone, so I provide a gout support network that helps you manage your own gout properly.

Personal Gout Support Network

GoutPal.net is the new home for my gout support network. Please use my new gout forums now. You can get the latest gout discussions by email from:

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For more gout info update services: Gout Info Update Service.

GoutPal Organization

Goutpal Organization 2015
Goutpal Organization 2015

Subsequent changes include:

Gout Resources & GoutPal UK

Both these GoutPal websites are now closed. If you want to partner with me for any gout-related projects on this domain, please contact me via gout forum (links above and below).

N.U.A.N.T. Campaign

Please support the Normal Uric Acid? No Thanks! Campaign.

Other Gout Support Services

The chart above shows my main gout support services. I also have other gout support services, including some on social media. If you cannot find what you want at that page, or if you have any other gout problems, please let me know.

The quickest way to contact me is to post in the gout forums. If you have any difficulty with this, please add a ticket to my Gout Help Desk. Or leave feedback in the form below.

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