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Famous Gout People
Famous Gout People

Famous People With Gout Introduction

This is a hub page for all famous people with gout articles. However, it might not include every celebrity with gout that is relevant to you. So you should also use the Google Gout Search Engine to find specific people.

Famous People With Gout List

PersonOccupationDate Of BirthDiedFamous for
Ansel AdamsPhotographer20 February 190222 April 1984Photography and conservationism
Alexander the GreatRoyaltyJuly 356 BC10 June 323 BCWorld conqueror
Georges d’AmboiseReligion30 December 190325 May 1510Prime Minister under Louis XII
Queen AnneRoyalty6 February 16651 August 1714Queen of England, 1702-14
Benedict ArnoldMilitary14 January 174114 June 1801Betrayed colonists to British
William Waldorf AstorPublisher31 March 184818 October 1919The Observer
Sir Joseph BanksBotanist13 February 174319 June 1820Accompanied James Cook
Ludwig van BeethovenComposer17 December 177026 March 1827Prominent composer
Georges BoulangerMilitary29 April 183730 September 1891Former Minister of the Armed Forces of the French Republic
William BoyceComposer7 February 17107 February 1779Cathedral Music
Ford Madox BrownPainter16 April 18216 October 1893English historical painter
Sir Richard BurtonExplorer19 March 182120 October 1890Translated The Arabian Nights
John CalvinReligion10 July 150927 May 1564French Protestant Reformation
Girolamo CardanoDoctor24 September 150121 September 1576De Subtilitate
Giovanni Benedetto CastiglionePainter23 March 16095 May 1664Italian pastoral painter
Robert Stewart, Viscount CastlereaghPolitician18 June 176912 August 1822Architected Napoleon’s defeat
William CecilGovernment13 September 15205 August 1598Closest advisor to Elizabeth I
Neville ChamberlainPolitician18 March 18699 November 1940Architect of appeasement
CharlemagneRoyaltyc. 747 AD28 January 814 ADHoly Roman Emperor
Dick CheneyPolitician30 January 1941US Vice President (2001–2009), ex-CEO of Halliburton
Lord ClarendonGovernment18 February 16099 December 1674The Clarendon Code
Pope Clement XIIReligion7 April 16526 February 1740Roman Catholic Pope, 1730-40
Grover ClevelandHead of State18 March 183724 June 190822nd & 24th US President, 1885-89 & 1893-97
Samuel Taylor ColeridgePoet21 October 177225 July 1834Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Wilkie CollinsNovelist8 January 182423 December 1889The Moonstone
Christopher ColumbusExplorer21 December 190320 May 1506Rediscovered the New World
William CongrevePlaywright24 January 167019 January 1729The Way of the World
Leonardo Da VinciArtist15 April 14522 May 1519Mona Lisa, The Last Supper
Erasmus DarwinNaturalist12 December 173118 April 1802English naturalist, very bad poet
Charles-François DaubignyPainter15 February 181719 February 1878French painter of landscapes, ducks
Daniel DefoeAuthorSeptember 166024 April 1731Robinson Crusoe
John DemjanjukCriminal03 April 1920Retired auto worker convicted for Nazi past
Charles DickensNovelist7 February 18129 June 1870Oliver Twist
Rudolf DieselInventor18 March 185830 September 1913Inventor of the diesel engine
Benjamin DisraeliHead of State21 December 180419 April 1881UK Prime Minister, 1874-80
John DonnePoet20 April 190431 March 1631Anniversaries
John DrydenPoet19 August 16311 May 1700Absalom and Achitophel
Allen W. DullesSpy7 April 189329 January 1969CIA Director, 1953-61
William Pitt the ElderHead of State15 November170811 May 1778Seven Years War
Quintus EnniusPoetc. 239 BCc. 170 BCFounder of Roman literature
Henry FieldingNovelist22 April 17078 October 1754Tom Jones
Charles James FoxPolitician24 January174913 September 1806U.K.’s first Foreign Secretary
Benjamin FranklinDiplomat17 January 170617 April 1790American founding father
Frederick the GreatRoyalty24 January 171217 August 1786King of Prussia 1740-86
Galileo GalileiAstronomer15 February 15648 January 1642Copernican observational astronomer
King George IVRoyalty12 August 176226 June 1830King of England 1820-30
Edward GibbonHistorian8 May 173716 January 1794Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
GoetheAuthor28 August 174922 March 1832Most influential German writer
Thomas GrayPoet26 December 171630 July 1771An Elegy Written in a Country Church Yard
William GraysonPolitician01 October 190412 March 1790US Senator from Virginia, 1789-90
Alec GuinnessActor02 April 191405 August 2000Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars
Alexander HamiltonGovernment11 January 175712 July 1804Primary author of The Federalist Papers
Sir William Rowan HamiltonMathematician3 August 18052 September 1865Inventor of Quaternions
John HancockPolitician23 January 17378 October 1793First signer of the Declaration of Independence
William HarveyDoctor1 April 15783 June 1657Discovered circulation of blood
King Henry VIIIRoyalty28 June 149128 January 1547King of England, 1509-47
Hermann HesseAuthor2 July 18779 August 1962Siddhartha
Pope Honorius IVReligionc. 12103 April 1287Roman Catholic Pope, 1285-87
John HunterDoctor13 February 172816 October 1793English pathologist
Thomas JeffersonHead of State13 April 17434 July 18263rd US President, 1801-09
Samuel JohnsonLexicographer18 September 170913 December 1784A Dictionary of the English Language
Pope Julius IIIReligion10 September 148723 March 1555Roman Catholic Pope, 1550-55
Kublai KhanRoyalty23 September 121518 February 1294Mongol Emperor, 1260-71
Nicolas Louis de LacailleAstronomer15 May 171321 March 1762Coelum Australe Stelliferum
Gottfried LeibnizMathematician1 July 164614 November 1716Co-Inventor of calculus
Jared LetoActor26 December 1971Harry in Requiem for a Dream
Carolus LinnaeusBotanist23 May 170710 January 1778Created a taxonomy of the species
Louis XVIIIRoyalty17 November 175516 September 1824King of France, 1814-15 & 1815-24
LucianAuthor120 ADc. 180 ADDialogues of the Dead
Karl MarxEconomist5 May 181814 March1883Das Kapital, Communist Manifesto
George MasonPolitician11 December 17257 October 1792Drafted Virginia’s Bill of Rights
Matthias CorvinusRoyalty24 February 14436 April 1490King of Hungary, 1458-90
Cosimo de MediciGovernment27 September 13891 August 1464Uncrowned king of Florence
MichelangeloSculptor6 March 147518 February 1564Renaissance sculptor and painter
John MiltonPoet9 December 16088 November 1674Paradise Lost
Gouverneur MorrisPolitician31 January 17526 November 1816American financier, Revolutionary politician
Pablo NerudaPoet12 July 190423 September 1973Residencia en la Tierra
Isaac NewtonPhysicist4 January 164331 March 1727Father of the clockwork universe
NostradamusParanormal14 December 15031 July 1566Notoriously ambiguous prophet
Laurence OlivierActor22 May 190711 July 1989Shakespearean actor
Lord PalmerstonHead of State20 October 178418 October 1865Twice Prime Minister of UK
Colonel Tom ParkerBusiness26 June 190921 January 1997Elvis Presley’s manager
George PeabodyBusiness18 February 17954 November 1869American businessman, philanthropist
Albert PikeMilitary29 December 18092 April 1891Confederate general, Freemason
Pope Pius IIReligion18 October 140514 August 1464Roman Catholic Pope, 1458-64
Pope Pius IIIReligion9 May 143918 October 1503Roman Catholic Pope, 1503
Auguste RenoirPainter25 February 18413 December 1919Le Bal au Moulin de la Galette
François de la RochefoucauldAuthor15 September 161316 March 1680Maxims
Peter Paul RubensPainter28 June 157730 May 1640Flemish baroque painter
Philip SchuylerMilitary11 November 173318 November 1804US Revolutionary War general
Winfield ScottMilitary13 June 178629 May 1866US Army general, Mexican campaign 1847
Pope Sergius IIReligion?27 January 847 ADRoman Catholic Pope, 844-47
Septimius SeverusRoyalty11 April 146 AD4 February 211 ADRoman Emperor, 193-211 AD
William ShenstonePoet18 November 171411 February 1763The Schoolmistress
Josias SimmlerAuthor29 March 190424 April 1904De Alpibus Commentarius
Sitting BullMilitaryc. 183115 December 1890Warrior Chief of the Sioux
Emmitt SmithAthlete15 May 1969American football running back
Sydney SmithReligion3 June 177122 February 1845Instigated the Edinburgh Review
Gilbert StuartPainter3 December 17559 July 1828American portrait painter
Thomas SydenhamDoctor13 September 162429 December 1689The English Hippocrates
Richard L. M. SyngeChemist28 October 191418 August 1994Partition chromatography
William Howard TaftHead of State15 September 18578 March 193027th US President, 1909-13
Alfred Lord TennysonPoet6 August 18096 October 1892The Charge of the Light Brigade
Dylan ThomasPoet27 October 19149 November 1953Most influential Welsh poet
Martin Van BurenHead of State5 December 178224 July 18628th US President, 1837-41
Queen VictoriaRoyalty24 May 181922 January 1901Longest-reigning British monarch
Horace WalpoleAuthor24 September 17172 March 1797Wrote the first Gothic novel
William WarburtonReligion24 December 16987 June 1779Divine Legation
Harry WarrenComposer24 December 189322 September 1981Forty-Second Street
Anthony WayneMilitary1 January 174515 December 1796Revolutionary War general
David WellsBaseball20 May 1963MLB pitcher, wrote Perfect I’m Not
Early WynnBaseball06 January 192004 April 1999MLB Hall of Famer
Famous Gout People
Famous Gout People

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