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Your Gout Food Test
Your Gout Food Test

Personal Gout Food Research Introduction

You want to know which food is best for uric acid. But what if your favorite foods have never been studied? Or perhaps studies show different effects on some people? See how to do your personal gout food research.

Personal Gout Food Research Purpose

I wrote this to help GoutPal Dieters make better food choices. Because that helps you discuss your reaction to different foods with health advisers.

Personal Gout Food Research

I mainly recommend good or bad food for gout based on scientific research. Especially where studies involve human gout sufferers. Unfortunately, most foods never get tested for their effect on uric acid. Furthermore, many studies show that despite certain average results, there are often individuals who react differently.

Consequently, there is a good argument for personal gout food research. Because on the positive side, you get results that are most relevant to you. But on the negative side, you must commit yourself to severe self-regulation.

Firstly, you need to decide a control period and an experiment period. During the control period, you eat the same things every day. Then during the experiment period, you change one food only. Maintaining the same total calorie intake. As the effects of food on uric acid take time to reach their maximum, the longer your time periods, the better. But most people soon get tired of the same food each day. So choose a time period you are sure you can keep to.

Secondly, you need to arrange blood tests for uric acid, liver function, and kidney function. Because that tells you how your food change affects your general health. As well as your uric acid levels. But consult your doctor before you start. As they might also recommend other tests such as cholesterol, glucose, etc.

Thirdly, you should keep a daily log of symptoms. Because gout flares can affect uric acid levels. Also other non-gout symptoms might indicate a bad reaction to your experimental food.

Then your food experiment routine is:

  1. Baseline blood tests
  2. Control diet period
  3. Control blood tests
  4. Experiment diet period
  5. Experiment blood tests
  6. Review test results with a qualified professional

Of course, you could do what many gout sufferers do. By trying to cut corners with a home uric acid test kit. But if you do, I strongly recommend that you ask someone else to view and log the results from your home uric acid test. Then you can look at them after you run your control and experiment tests. Also, you need to consult your doctor before making radical changes to your food consumption. Because any changes that are powerful enough to change uric acid levels might also have unwanted side effects.

Your Gout Food Test
Your Gout Food Test

Your Personal Gout Food Research

Now you know how to test your gout food. But never rely on pain symptoms or so-called 'trigger foods'. Because falling uric acid levels can cause flares during gout recovery.

If you still have concerns about personal gout food, you should discuss those concerns with your professional health advisers. However, if you want help to prepare for that discussion, please contact me.

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