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High Beta-Carotene Foods
High Beta-Carotene Foods

Beta-Carotene Foods & Gout Introduction

During my research into butternut squash, I learned that beta-carotene can help reduce uric acid. Though, we need much more research before it can be recognized as a professional treatment. However, gout sufferers who cannot tolerate mainstream uric acid treatment need to find alternatives. So if you're considering beta-carotene for gout, here is a short list of beta-carotene rich foods. Which you and your health advisers might use to agree changes to your beta-carotene intake.

Beta-Carotene Foods for Gout Sufferers

Before my beta-carotene foods list, I will explain some facts about my presentation. Or, you can skip down to my list of top beta-carotene foods for gout sufferers.

As far as I am aware, there are no dietary recommendations for beta-carotene. However, the National Institutes of Health fact sheet for vitamin A gives adult allowances between 700 mcg RAE and 1,300 mcg RAE depending on age, gender, and maternal health factors[1]. But you must clarify your personal allowance with your doctor or other qualified health professional.

In any case, the fact sheet explains that 1 mcg retinol activity equivalents (RAE) is equivalent to 12 mcg dietary beta-carotene. Which is important, because the corresponding beta-carotene food content list from USDA shows values as mcg dietary beta-carotene[2]. So, you can divide these by 12 if you need the vitamin A equivalent.

The complete list is useful. But it contains many similar versions of the same food. So given that food databases supply average values, I believe a curated list is more useful. Similarly, I simplify values to the nearest 1,000.

Top Beta-Carotene Foods

Note that all values are for a 1 cup serving (except where noted)
Food (1 cup unless stated otherwise)Weight (g)Beta-carotene mcg
Sweet potato32831,000
Carrot juice23622,000
Acai berry drink (8 fl oz)26615,000
Peas and carrots (10 oz pack)27813,000
Turnip greens16410,500
Mustard greens14010,500
Veg mix (corn, lima beans, peas, green beans, carrots)18210,500
Butternut Squash2059,500
Dandelion greens1059,000
Pokeberry shoots1658,500
Hubbard Squash2057,500
Beet greens1446,500
Swiss chard1756,500
Hot chili peppers375,500
Chinese Cabbage [pak-choi]1704,500
Turkey Pot Pie (1 package)3974,000
Chinese shrimp and vegetables (1 meal)6014,000
Chinese kung pao chicken (1 meal)6043,500
Cantaloupe melon1773,500
Chinese beef and vegetables (1 meal)5743,500
Pork egg roll (1 roll)853,500
Many other foods contain lower amounts of beta-carotene. So I plan to create lists organized into food groups. Because that makes choosing between foods easier. Assuming that you plan food intake by food group. In which case, you might subscribe to GoutPal Links Newsletter to be notified when I publish more detailed beta-carotene lists.
High Beta-Carotene Foods
High Beta-Carotene Foods
See photo details[*]

Beta-Carotene Foods for Your Gout

You can use this list to identify beta-carotene rich foods that you like. Then click the food link. Or search for your favorite beta-carotene foods to read more information.

If you still have concerns about beta-carotene foods, you should discuss those concerns with your professional health advisers. However, if you want help to prepare for that discussion, please ask in the Gout Forum.

Leave Beta-Carotene Foods & Gout to browse the Gout and Uric Acid Blog.

Beta-Carotene Foods & Gout References

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Beta-Carotene Foods & Gout Footnote

This beta-carotene foods photograph is by Nick Kindelsperge from the Sweet Potato and Spinach Curry Recipe page at serious eats (as at 28 Mar 2022). I've cropped and resized their photograph. So see that archive for the original photograph and its copyright details.

Sweet Potato and Spinach Curry is a candidate for GoutPal's Gout Foundation Diet. But first, I need to analyze each ingredient for its impact on uric acid and gout. So in the meantime, you should check the details with your professional health advisers.

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