Purpose of GoutPal.org

Gout controversies arise for different reasons. From patients who believe folklore over science. To doctors who disagree on the best way to manage gout.

Then in between, there are pharmaceutical campaigning to make your doctors aware of new drugs to buy.

So I started GoutPal.org as a home for campaigns about gout. Including information about other organization’s campaigns. But mainly as a platform for GoutPal campaigns to encourage better treatment for gout sufferers.

Purpose of GoutPal.org

The purpose of this website is linked with the purpose of my main gout website. Which is to help gout sufferers form better relationships with their professional advisers. So that you get better, faster gout recovery.

But how can that happen if you keep asking the wrong questions? Or if your doctor doesn’t know the latest best techniques? Because the controversies that I explore on GoutPal.org usually lead to a doctor-patient divide. So if you are aware of controversial gout issues you can guide your doctors towards better gout management. Or at least see when you need to change your doctor.

In a nutshell, the purpose of GoutPal.org is to explore controversial gout issues. So that doctors and patients can discuss and agree on the best way to encourage safe gout recovery.

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